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About our Beneficiaries

FullSizeRender (15)Mother Blessings Orphanage, in Mount Barclay, Liberia was founded in 1996, and currently houses and educates about 80 children, including orphans from the recent Ebola outbreak. They receive little government funding, and last year’s outbreak severely stretched their already small budget. Thus far we have sent them funds to purchase much needed sanitary and medical materials and to help house new children; collected children’s books with our partner World Heart Beat Music Academy for the orphanage’s first library; and raised money to help the orphanage purchase new land for housing and a school.


cachelle group shot

The Cachelle International Creative Arts Center in Monrovia, Liberia provides an exciting, safe and structured atmosphere for children and young adults, and offers the highest standard of programming for their education and enrichment. The Center offers year-round arts education programmes, including courses in music, art, drama and dance, as well as a month long summer camp in July. We are happy to support Cachelle in providing scholarships for underprivileged Liberian students. To learn more about the Cachelle International Creative Arts Center, visit


The George Massa Arku Scholarship Fund

We are in the planning stages of establishing a scholarship fund in memory of George Massa Arku who sadly passed away in January, 2017.  Mr. Arku was a jurist and a diplomat in the service of Liberia for his entire professional life.  He was educated in Liberia and the United States and was a proponent of social justice, equality under the law and basic human rights, including the right to a good education.  It is our intention to follow Mr. Arku’s example by providing financial support to students who cannot otherwise afford to go to school.



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