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World Heart Beat Piano Party, 17 June 2017. Photos by Sefanie Arku


Where the Road Turns: Contemporary Art for Liberia, 10 March 2017. Photos by Lucy Hunter.


Visit to Mother Blessings Orphanage, 26 July 2016. Photos by Shoana Solomon, Angeline Oni and Shirelle ‘Diamond’ Hogans.




Break the Silence with Sound: Chamber Music Concert, 14 June 2016. Photos by Eddie Aidoo.



Spring Brunch, 22 May 2016. Photos by Takudzwa Mukiwa



Music for Liberia Charity Concert, 21 November 2015. Photos by Eddie Aidoo.



Music For Liberia Charity Concert, 14 June 2014. Photos by Max Petrossi; video by Jørgen Rudolph.